Is $320,000 Enough to Retire With?

How long will 320k in savings last in retirement? Can I Retire With $320,000? Use the calculator below to estimate how much you need to save in retirement. It is filled with data, such as $320,000 in retirement savings. Update the other inputs to customize for your specific details. This is only an estimate and many other factors need to be considered.

Retirement Planning Calculator

Current Age
Retirement Age
$ per year
$ currently invested
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How to Use

Fill in your current age and retirement age. Then, enter how much investment income you need to live off during retirement, the total amount that you currently have invested, and the amount that you are saving every year towards your retirement.

Next, enter your expected returns and the expected inflation. These numbers can have a large impact on the results. Try different numbers to see how the results are impacted.

This calculator does not account for taxes. We use today's dollar to account for inflation.